Cultural Couture

Cultural couture

A journey through southern asian fashion


Culture now is almost a fading moment in history, let’s represent, embrace the things that make us up and not let them die out. It’s what has helped and built what this world is now as it’s growing it’s getting forgotten about. Let’s take a back in time to see who we were

Bengal Jewel

(Get the look: Saree-EBay, bangles-EBay , nose ring-Etsy, blouse-Etsy, necklace-Cbazaar)

Kerala Tides

(Get the look: saree-Panashindia, bangles-EBay , nose ring-Etsy, blouse-Etsy, necklace and earring set-EBay )


Blossoming Daydream

(Get the look: Anarkhali-Lashkaraa, necklace-Cbazaar, necklace and earring set-EBay )


Mughal Muse

(Get the look: Lehenga- Created by Syed, necklace earring and tikka set-Ebay, bangles-EBay )


Main credits- Stylist:Syed Ali, Photographer:Syed Ali, Stylist assistant:Katie, Designer: Syed Ali


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