Too Faced release Melted Chocolate Lipsticks



Too Faced are bringing out a new Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick collection, estimated to be realised January 2016! Within the collection of six new shades, there will be three metallic shades and also three long wear shades. Each individual shade is a form of brown tone, using also nude, metallic colours, and more importantly, each gloss has a chocolate flavour!

Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Milkshake, don’t they sound delicious! I like how the metallic shades of brown will also produce a sort of golden, shimmery colour, which most people wouldn’t normally chose to wear, although its a brilliant shade for this season!

The packaging of the lip-glosses is unique and appealing for its audience, whilst still maintaining the classic Liquid Lipstick look for the rest of the Melted family.  Although I would rather use more matte lipsticks, I love the colours and look forward to trying these products out.

Too Faced has a very energetic, enthusiastic approach to everything they create. In all of their unique products they use ingredients to only create innovative cruelty-free colour cosmetics that are believed to give each individual the confidence to feel pretty and feminine. Too Faced also believe makeup is power to each unique person, giving women the freedom every day to express themselves and the confidence to take on the world and makeup is so much more than a little colour on each persons face, it’s a mood booster and power.

Overall I think each chocolate colour is beautiful and perfect winter shades for the cold weather. If you haven’t sound your perfect nude shade already then you are bound to with these! My inquiring mind is wondering, do these actually smell/taste like chocolate?

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Words: Faye Storey


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