Covergirl X Star Wars Collection


There has been a rise in the makeup industry that has changed makeup in a whole new way; maybe our fans of Star Wars will enjoy the awakening of this new collection.

Covergirl has launched a Star wars collection in honour of the upcoming new film, Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, the collection launched on the Covergirl website on the 4th of September and it released in the UK in mid September.

The line includes six lipsticks, which are all totally different shades to what you would normally see, the shades include a dark purple, gold, burgundy, lilac, silver and a nude pink. What appeals to me about the lipsticks is that they’re unique shades and metallic however the packaging is disappointing, as you would think they could’ve made it look like a lightsaber.

The collection also features six shades of nail vanish has also been realised into the collection with individual names, Mutant (royal blue), Nuclear (yellow), Red Revenge (burgundy), Speed of Light (light grey), Nemesis (plum), and lastly Fury (red).

Two mascaras are also in this collection with different iconic movie quotes on each tube. There’s waterproof mascara, called the Light Side which features quotes from the ‘Light Side’ characters, and a non-waterproof mascara, called the Dark Side; which features quotes from the ‘Dark Side’.

Overall, the collection has some good features like the metallic lipsticks with some gorgeous shades and the movie quotes on the limited edition tubes of mascara but the packaging for me wasn’t as great as they could’ve made it.

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Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens, premieres in the UK on December 17.


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