Sunderland fashion graduate launches own online boutique

Brogan Hindmarsh, a 21-year-old fashion graduate from Sunderland will be launching her online store “Brogan’s Closet” on the 30th of November.

Brogan knew she wanted to be in fashion from the tender age of nine, with the help of her first idol Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven.

The clothing site will specialise in party wear, with pieces that compliment many body types and would be a perfect edition to the wardrobe and for the christmas party season fast approaching.

Fashion has always been this young entrepreneurs passion: “I did fashion and textiles at college for two years and wanted to be a fashion designer, however I just didn’t feel good enough, I then studied Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland, and along the way I realised it just wasn’t for me. The fashion part yes, but the journalism no.”

The Sunderland native got her inspiration straight from home: “I did a placement at The Fashion Bible an online store based in Washington a few years ago and absolutely loved it! It was the breaking point in realising what I wanted to do. People may say that The Fashion Bible would now be my competition, but I would never see it that way, they are the main influencers of my business.

“I almost dropped out of my Fashion Journalism degree, but there were key elements that I needed in this course that I knew I could apply to my career later in life, such as photography and programs such as InDesign.

“As soon as I left University I felt completely lost, not having a routine was something I just wasn’t used to. I knew I wanted to get started straight away on Brogan’s Closet, my parents thought I was crazy wanting to start at business, but I know I am ready for this and can do it.”


Brogan Hindmarsh: “I knew I wanted to get started straight away on Brogan’s Closet, my parents thought I was crazy wanting to start at business, but I know I am ready for this”.

Brogan’s mother, Kelly Hindmarsh, and father, Ritson Hindmarsh, both 40, are their daughter’s number one fans: “I’m so proud of Brogan for starting her own business, I think it’s a great idea, and I’m proud of her for following her dreams. Most people don’t like their jobs, they just tolerate them to pay the bills. She is doing something she loves, and I couldn’t be happier for her.”

Her father added: “I’m not a gambling man but I’m gambling on my daughters dream. I’m in on it 100%.”

Brogan has no employees, but she has an accountant and web designer. She is doing the photography, buying and leaflet design all by herself. Brogan’s Closet will also be registered as a limited company as she didn’t want a free website, she wants customers to trust her and for her business to be credible and professional.

Brogan’s advice to other young entrepreneurs would be to go all in on your ambitions and never lose your passion: “I have young parents, and I didn’t come from anything, never let not having money stop you from doing you. Get loans, save up – not just in fashion but in any business, never give up!

“When bad things happen let that be your motivator – realise who your real friends are and focus on yourself – you think things are gonna be the end of the world but in a few years I’ll be on top of the world and all these things will have pushed me to be there.”

When she first announced her new business venture on Facebook, after she had only told close family and friends, she was overwhelmed by the response: “My status about launching Brogan’s Closet received 300 likes in the first week, it really humbled me and made me realise how supportive people can be.”

Brogan Hindmarsh is ambitious, young and eager. If she stays as focused as she is now, we at Fashion North are sure this young woman will be a force to be reckoned with within the fashion industry in 2016.


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