Fashion and beauty businesses in the North East raise money for charities this Christmas


Christmas is a time of celebration and when everyone gives to one-another, but what about the vulnerable people this Christmas? What do they get and will they be celebrating this year?

There are businesses all around the world giving because they feel like they have more to give to the vulnerable.

The Body Shop this Christmas have decided that whoever buys one of their Christmas gift sets, they will donate one day of clear water to those in Ethiopia. So far, they have raised over 600,000 days of clean water to families.

Diane Pearson, 51, a Body Shop at Home Area Manager said: “We get really busy around Christmas time for presents and one of our biggest selling products around Christmas are the gift sets. So, it was thought to be a great idea to donate what was thought to be the best present you could get someone, who doesn’t have much of anything.

“We have raised over 600,000 days of clean water for families in Ethiopia and it is a brilliant accomplishment, it’s not just the Body Shop who are giving this year, everyone who buys a Gift Set.”


Age UK have also been raising money all year around just to help pensioners and other vulnerable people stay warm this Winter. They work alongside all major energy companies and each year they take in applications to find out who is eligible for an early Christmas present of £140 to help pay off their winter bills and stay warm.

They raised the money to do this with a whole range of events but the newest and biggest event they have had so far this year in the North East, was the Winter Fashion Show, held at the Marriott Hotel in Gateshead. The Fashion show had designers and local stores from all around the North East showing their clothes by local models in Newcastle and Gateshead and also by the Gateshead FC team.

Suziee Cassels, the event co-ordinator on the night of the fashion show, said: “We have sold over 100 tickets, which is absolutely fantastic and the money that has been raised will go towards the £140 Warm Home Discount, that helps to keep the elderly warm this winter. We hope next years event will be just as amazing as this one, and hopefully we can raise more funds.”

Christmas has always been about giving to others and helping when you can. If the Body Shop and AGE UK can raise enough money to help those who need it most this Christmas, then this is inspiration for us all to help and give when we can.


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