OOPS, WE DID IT AGAIN! Seeing Double: Part 2

Once again, in Fashion-North history, we face the awe and hilarious moment we see someone wearing the same outfit as another. University of Sunderland Fashion Journalism students, Shannon Pearson, 20, and Emma Strawbridge, 20, wore the exact same outfit. YIKES, the shame!


Sitting next to each other in Fashion North’s Editorial conference, they were both oblivious to the fact they looked the same.

Purple turtle neck Jumper- Check
Black trousers- Check
Styled down blonde hair- TRIPLE CHECK!

How did they deal with the news of this fashion clash? They had no choice but to own it and laugh it off!

Emma said: “I tend to think ‘oh my god!’ But at the same time at least I know I’m wearing something that’s trendy. Although the worst part is, when they look better in it than you and you feel like you have to adjust yourself in some way to look better.

“I was in the toilets in a bar in town and this girl came running up saying I looked better than her and I said ‘thanks’.
But I really knew she was thinking to herself ‘I definitely look better than you I’m just being polite’.”

I tend to throw on whatever is in my wardrobe, but when I go shopping I try to find that item that I can make my own and wear whenever I want, no matter the weather.

Mean Girls would plan their clothes and even had pink Wednesdays and that was the THING’. But now, doesn’t it seem quite degrading to feel like you have to dress the same as others instead of having your very own unique style, that can’t be duplicated?

Every store now duplicates each other; when Topshop brought out their GEEK clothes Primark decided to bring out the NERD clothing line. Is there no sense of originality?

I think the moral of the story is if you find someone wearing the same outfit as you, either own it like Rihanna or, if you can’t hack it, sneak to the bathroom and change it. Maybe some bold lipstick will help or a new hair-do?

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament where someone else was dressed with the same ensemble as you?

If so tell Fashion North how you handled it by tweeting us your pictures to @Fashion_North.


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