Fashion Freshers: What We Wore To Welcome Week

Georgia Addison, 19
Outfit: All Primark. Shoes: New Look. Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens/Leighton Meester
Andresa Faleiro Damiao, 18
Outfit: Jumper - Papaya. Jeans - "Can't remember!" Choker - Zara. Shoes: "Don't know." Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn.
Corie-Lea Brewer, 19
Outfit: Dress - H&M. Shoes: Adidas. Style Icon: Christine Centenera
Charlotte Foster, 19
Outfit: Top - ASOS. Coat - Primark. Jeans - Topshop. Shoes: Topshop. Style Icon: Kate Moss
Rebecca Dawson, 18
Outfit: All Topshop. Shoes: JD. Style Icon: Kanye West
Kheira Reeks, 18
Outfit: Top - H&M. Jeans - River Island. Jacket - Matalan. Shoes: River Island. Style Icon: normal people.
Victoria Cummings, 20
Outfit: Dress - River Island. Jacket - Topshop. Shoes: Topshop. Style Icon: Rita Ora
Louisa Preece, 19
Outfit: Jacket and jeans - Topshop. Top - Primark. Shoes: ASOS. Style Icon: Kendall Jenner
Courtney Ibinson, 18
Outfit: Jacket - Missguided. Top - Primark. Jeans - Topshop. Shoes: Primark. Style Icon: Kylie Jenner
Caitlin Cooney, 18
Outfit: All Primark. Shoes: Primark. Style Icon: Foxxes.
Faye Dixon, 18
Outfit: Jacket and top - Select. Jeans - House of Fraser. Shoes: H&M. Style Icon: Rihanna.
Candice Farrow, 21
Outfit: Jacket - Zara. Top - Missguided. Jeans - ASOS. Shoes: Public Desire. Style Icon: "I get inspiration from everywhere"
Stephanie Pearce, 18
Outfit: Jacket - Guess. Top and jeans - River Island. Shoes: River Island. Style Icon: Kendall Jenner
Steph Robson, 18
Outfit: Jumper - Primark. Jeans - Topshop. Shoes: Vivienne Westwood. Style Icon: "I get inspiration from the runway"
Christy Laverty, 19
Outfit: Jeans and top - Topman. Shoes: Nike. Style Icon: "It depends how I'm feeling"
Rebecca Blair, 18
Outfit: Dress - Topshop. Shoes: Garage. Style Icon: "I get inspiration from everywhere!"
Faye Jones, 20
Outfit: Top - Topshop. Jacket - Forever 21. Jeans - Primark. Shoes: ASOS. Style Icon: "No one specific, but I love what people wore in the 60's and 70's"
Grace Smith, 18
Outfit: Jacket - New Look. Dress - Oasis. Shoes: Roberto Vianni. Style Icon: Mel Ottenberg.
Erin Abdulla, 18
Outfit: Jacket - Topshop. Dress - H&M. Shoes: Office. Style Icon: Blake Lively/Jourdan Dunn/Kim Kardashian

As you can tell, we’ve got some seriously fashionable freshers on our hands this year. We wish them the best of luck for their next three years at Sunderland University, and we’re sure to see a lot more of them on Fashion North soon.


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