Fashion North tried the new Good On You app

Emma Watson has shown her support for a new app called Good On You which rates fashion brands according to impact on labour, animals or ecology.

Here at Fashion North, we have tried the app so you don’t have to.

Fair trade, organic, vegan, sustainable or slow fashion are words that are becoming popular more and more. However, it’s hard to find sustainable brands in the big world of fashion. This app brilliantly shows various options on how to shop your favourite pieces of clothing and still be eco-friendly.

Photo credit: Good On You

Simply sign up with Facebook or your email, pick your country and choose your preferences on how much you want a brand to care about the environment, labour rights or animals protection. Once you have done this you can search across hundreds of fashion brands within categories from bags to watches or basically type the name of an item you are looking for.  You can also sort brands by ‘recommended’, ‘rating’ or ‘nearest’ and choose the price rate. Many brands will show up after that and now it’s just up to you in which you are interested most in.

A great thing is that you can also open a specific brand and read more about it, amazing. When you’ve made your choice, simply click on ‘Closest Retailers’ which will open the brand’s website and then you can just continue shopping. Quick and easy.

Photo Credit: Good On You App

What’s more, the app offers various interesting blog posts about the connection between fashion and ecology: how the red carpet becomes greener, swimwear brands fighting plastic or waste in fashion.

Download Good On You app for Android or iOS and let us know on twitter @Fashion_North what you think!



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