Fashion week travel essentials

Jetting off to multiple shows in a short span of time is the dream for many people, so when I got the opportunity to go to Milan during fashion week I quickly fished out the essentials I’d need in my carry-on bag. I created a flat lay featuring everything I’d want with me should this become a regular occurrence.



A magazine is essential, on a long flight this will keep you engaged and up to date with all things fashion and entertainment. I chose the latest edition of Vogue to keep me occupied as it was up to date with everything fashion week-related. Sunglasses were also a must-have for keeping my hair out of the way and then the sun out of my eyes once we landed in Milan. Of course, the holy grail is my AirPods which I absolutely couldn’t go without, these were used for listening to an audiobook, the Every Outfit podcast and music while I was up in the air.



Any lip products are absolutely a must-have while on a flight, the Dior cherry lip oil is my absolute favourite to use. It keeps me feeling hydrated and looking my best with the slight pink tint and is handy and small so fits in any makeup bag. The little guide to Coco Chanel was an extra I may not have needed but definitely wanted in my travel bag, just another way to keep me occupied while on the plane.

Let us know on our socials @fashion_north what your travel essentials are and what you’d take along to fashion week with you!


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