Feeling festive? Here’s your Christmas accessory inspiration

With the festive season fast approaching, Fashion North brings you the ultimate accessory inspiration to bring some Christmas cheer to your style.


Primark has a range of sparkling accessories perfect for this season. From bauble-topped headbands to Christmas tree earrings, there’s something for everyone. The headbands are covered in tinsel that’ll brighten up your look and they stick with the typical Christmas colours, so everyone will know that you’re in the spirit.


Claire’s have a large range of jewellery ready for Christmas. There’s reindeers, Santa hats, candy canes and even the Grinch adorning the earrings that are suitable for any festive event, whether it’s a work Christmas do or even Christmas Day itself. The earrings are available in studs and more extravagant dangling earrings, which sit around the £10 price range.


Next have the Aela range, which has some creative earrings, such as glitter-filled baubles. There are also jingle bell earrings that will make a sound if you shake your head, perfect for those wanting something a bit extra this Christmas. Also on sale are red and white fur-lined scrunchies and diamond-themed headbands, with ‘Merry Christmas’ adorning the top.


Select has a gorgeous range of sparkling bags that will add some dazzle to your outfits – you could even extend the glamour to New Year as well! The one above is £15.99 and has an accompanying strap that keeps the sparkle going, with a small knot that makes the design all the more interesting.


H&M, as well as a range of jewellery, also have fluffy socks that are ideal for keeping your feet warm when it turns colder. The socks are patterned with winter themes, including dogs with Santa hats, polar bears and Christmas trees.

The children’s section also has a range of accessories. There are red hair clips and headbands with bows and hats on that kids will love to wear on Christmas Day or even for a Christmas party for school or with friends.

What accessories are you wearing this Christmas? Let us know @fashion_north.


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