First Impression Friday

This week, Fashion North had two new recruits; Ellie Morkel and Faye Storey. They’ve tried and tested five of the latest beauty must haves for todays first impression Friday…

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BareMinerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation:

Ellie – I think this foundation illuminates the skin and it has a light feel but is very thin and quite oily. It wouldn’t be suitable for people if they wanted a full coverage. I would also not pay £26 and also £24 for the brush, as I am not a fan of this foundation.

Faye – I think this foundation is very watery and thin, although it is very brightening and shimmery when applied. This foundation has a soft, silky feel, although personally I wouldn’t purchase this item due to the fact that I don’t think it would cover blemishes well, but it would be ideal for those wanting a sheer finish.

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Valentino, Donna Perfume

E – This perfume has a long lasting smell and I love the pink and gold colour scheme on the packaging. Available at Debenhams from £49, this perfume would be aimed for mature women as it had a fresh smell.

F – I think this perfume has a very strong scent to it and is mostly appropriate for an older age range due to it’s feminine strong rose scent. I also love the packaging and it would look so pretty on your vanity but personally the scent notes aren’t for me.

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Aveda Thickening Tonic

E – I like the smell of it as it reminds me of lavender. This product doesn’t have a sticky or greasy feel to it. I feel this could give your hair more volume and thickness however it could be a struggle for people with really thin hair. I would possibly give the product a go and see if my hair would increase in thickness and if it worked I would happily pay £17 for the 100ml full size.

F – I am not a fan of the lavender scent, although this product doesn’t seem to have a greasy, sticky or heavy feel to it; which you sometimes expect from hair oils / tonics. I feel like this product would give your hair better texture and more volume, however I wouldn’t purchase this product as I don’t like the smell of it and wouldn’t be willing to pay £17.

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Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

E – I like how soft and creamy it is and I love the sweet strawberry scent as it not overpowering. It makes your skin feel more healthy and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product and would be willing to pay £14 for it.

F – I really like this product and think the scent of this product it extremely nice and realistically smell of strawberry. This product gives a smooth and healthy feel once applied and isn’t to heavy on the skin. I would definitely purchase this product for myself.

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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème

E – I think this product is very thin and watery, however the fresh scent really appeals to me. I would definitely give it a go for £5.99, especially as the weather is getting colder, to see if it would make my hair less frizzy.

F – I really like the scent of this product although I find it very greasy and sticky, I’d be worried that it would leave my hair greasy. Although I would give this product a go with my hair, I just wouldn’t put much in it due to the texture of the crème but would like to see if it would ease frizz of my hair.

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