Five basic make-up tips


Make-up artist Emily Branthwaite gives us some quick make-up tips that are easy to follow and are a necessity when wearing make-up regularly:

1) Always use a primer before applying foundation

Nobody likes make-up that doesn’t last a couple of hours. So a primer is perfect to keep your foundation in place and make it last that bit longer. It’s also good for your skin.

2) Keep your brushes clean

By keeping your brushes clean, you’re getting rid of all of the dirty old foundation that sticks to the brush. Therefore, the cleaner the brush, the cleaner the application.

3) Use a setting spray

Exactly what it says on the tin; they set your make-up and keep it lasting longer. The spray also gives a healthy glow to your face.

4) Clean your make-up off properly

Leaving your make-up on overnight is unhealthy for your skin, and it’s great to let your skin breathe from the products that have been applied to the face.

5) Add a moisturiser to your daily make-up routine

Using a moisturiser before applying your make-up and after you take it off makes your skins texture a lot smoother. Great  skin = great make-up.


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