Five beauty lessons we can learn from Disney princesses

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Disney Princesses are arguably the first beauty icons that young girls ever come across. Has there ever been a five-year-old girl who didn’t covet Ariel’s scarlet locks or Cinderella’s lashes? Even now, when we’ve passed the days of primary school and packed lunches, we can still learn some vital beauty lessons from the Disney bunch.

1. A hair cut can change your whole outlook on life 

Mulan taught us that going for a good hair chop doesn’t need to fill us with fear, it can actually give us a brand new mindset. The Warrior Princess doesn’t dither and dawdle when she gets a new ‘do, she just goes for it and totally owns the collarbone length style. Yeah, you might not be thinking about cutting off your locks because you need to pretend you’re a man and fight in the war to save your father, you might just want to partake in the lob trend, but Mulan teaches us that when you’re preparing to drastically change your style, confidence is key.


2. Nothing is more important than a good brow game

Can you name a Disney Princess with bad brows? Thought not. Eyebrows can make or break a make-up look, and Fashion North recommends using a cool toned eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow to define your arches, as an ashy toned product tends to look more natural than a product with warm, orangey undertones. The Soap and Glory Archery Pencil (£8) is a brilliant high street option, and features a spooly comb to keep your brows looking groomed. Eat your heart out, Belle!


3. Salt spray is the secret weapon to tousled hair perfection 

Ever wondered how Ariel’s hair is so big? No, it’s not full of secrets – it’s full of salt. Salt spray works well when sprayed in the roots of hair, and creates intense volume and texture. A few spritzes of the stuff can transform your hair, taking it from flat to fab in just a few seconds.


4. Winged liner commands attention

Both from you, and the people surrounding you. Although achieving a good cat eye can prove to be one of the hardest tasks in the world of beauty, it’s one of the fiercest make-up looks out there – just look at Jasmine! Fashion North’s top tip for achieving on point flicks is simple – practice makes perfect. If you’re a beginner, you may find it easier to use a felt tip style liner to create a winged look, L’Oreal’s SuperLiner Perfect Slim (£6.99) is a total beauty bargain.


5. Braids don’t need to be boring

Forget the stereotypical schoolgirl plait, Rapunzel proves that the right hair accessories can take your hair to the next level. Experiment with style, maybe try out fishtail or milkmaid braids. Don’t scrimp on the accessory front, either. You can never go wrong with a floral headband! Or even channel Punzie’s boho look at a festival this summer, incorporating a bit of bloom into your braid.


From liner to locks to lashes, there’s no denying that the Disney Princess posse could rival even the most knowledgeable of YouTube gurus in the beauty stakes. Their hair and beauty style is timeless and elegant, truly something that girls of all ages can look up to.


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