Different ways to fill in your eyebrows


There are many brow products on the market that all aim to do the same thing, give you fuller looking, well groomed brows. However, each can have a different effect on the finished look. This guide will show you different ways to fill in your brows and what products you will need to do that.


If you prefer a soft looking brow then apply a matte cool toned eyeshadow through the eyebrow, chose a colour that is one shade lighter than your natural brow hairs. To apply powder to the eyebrows, tap a small angled brush into the powder and trace the outline of your brows using light feathery strokes then brush the left over product that is on the brush through the brows.

A good palette for filling in the brows is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, £23, because it has light and dark cool toned eyeshadows, which can be mixed to your preferred shade.


This is one of the most basic and known about ways to fill in your brows. Brow pencils come in many different shades and they have a more waxier formula to eyeliner pencils. This allows the pencil to apply colour to the brows more naturally and smoothly without the risk of you making the mistake of drawing a harsh line. Again, when using the pencil use short feathery strokes then brush through with a spooly for a natural looking brow.

We like Anastasia Brow Wiz, £15.50 as it always stays sharp, you can add in even the tiniest of hairs. It also has a spooly on the other end so that you can brush your brows through after filling them in.

Brow Pomade

Lately everyone is starting to become more aware of brow pomades. These have a very similar consistency to gel eyeliners. If your brows are quite fair, thin or sparse this could be your wonder product. Brow pomades are great for drawing in individual hairs to achieve a full natural looking brow. Take a small angled brush and dip it into the brow pomade lightly and draw hairs on with light brush strokes.

We love Anastasia Dip Brow, £15, and this tutorial on how to use a brow pomade will help if you’ve never used the product before.

Brow Pens

Brow pens are great for filling in brows and they last well on the skin, with little smudging. These can do wonders for your brows when they are used correctly. Like a brow pencil, apply using small feathery strokes to achieve your desired shape and fullness.

We love Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil, £10, this is a great product as you get two products in one to help you achieve the perfect brow.

Brow Gel

Brow gels are a great product for finishing off your brows, or if you just want to keep them in place. They add a hint of colour to the hairs and keep them in place all day long.

We love Eyeko Brow Gel, £18, it is great at enhancing your natural hairs, adding a hint of colour and keeping them in place.


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