From a coma to prom night – my story

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From my early teens, I had enormous boobs and while having big boobs is every teenage girl’s dream it was more like my living nightmare. My boobs were of great size and weight that killed my back and shoulders to the point I would fantasise about the relief of simply taking my ‘nana bra’ off when I got home. I called them nana bras because it was impossible to find a bra that would actually fit not to mention any that were aesthetically pleasing. There was no chance I would be able to grab a bargain in Primark that is why I had no option but to opt for nana bras with huge straps that would cut into my shoulders.

That was just my struggle searching for a bra so prom dress shopping was even more stressful. As you can imagine every dress looked ridiculous with floor-facing cup size J boobs.

In the meantime, I had been to numerous doctors’ appointments complaining about how self-conscious my boobs made me and I did my utmost to hide them. Who isn’t going to feel self-conscious when your boobs are almost the size of your upper body? However, the consultant was apprehensive because of my age to agree to the reduction until I stood there without my bra hosting them up. The consultant without realising revealed the most shocked look upon his face and slowly nodded his head agreeing to the operation.

I still remember how I felt when I tried on the nude Hollywood inspired dress; I knew it was perfect for me forgetting about my big boobs for a brief second. The dress was an elegant floor length gown in a striking champagne colour. It was covered in Swarovski jewels and beaded embellishments from my neckline to about my knee and from that point downwards it had layers of net that completed the beautiful fishtail look. The detail I loved the most about the nude dress was the low-scooped back that fell elegantly from my shoulders.

May 8, it was early morning and I was on my way to Durham University hospital I didn’t really feel too nervous more eager to feel normal. I was in surgery for five long hours, my mam anxiously waiting the whole time. When I finally came around I felt surprisingly well but I had to stay overnight just to be safe. Just as well as I suddenly felt dreadful I was boiling hot from that point the rest of the night was a blur my temperature reached scorching levels of 42 degrees Celsius and my heart rate 152 bpm.

From then on everything went downhill I was then moved to the intensive care unit where I was closely monitored and had x-rays, CT and MRI scans because the doctors did not know what was wrong, and for five whole days it was unknown why I was so ill. I was then induced into a coma as my body wasn’t strong enough to cope with the pressure it was under. Once I came out of the coma it was then identified that I had contracted an infection called streptococcal and pneumonia, meaning I had to go back into theatre to remove the infected tissues. I was later in intensive care for two whole weeks critically ill. I was unable to eat I lost up to two stone although my boobs consisted of a stone alone. Everything was a challenge, things that I would normally take for granted like breathing and walking I found impossible to do.

During my time in hospital, I missed my GCSE exams and the last days of school this distraught me and I prayed I was better in time for prom.

The day of prom had finally arrived it felt as if it was my wedding day I could not wait to put on my dress. The whole day was a rush getting my hair and makeup done and being on time to meet my friends. I will never forget the moment I slipped into my stunning prom dress that made my whole ordeal worthwhile, I felt like a princess it lay perfectly covering my scars that at the time I was conscious of. I was so nervous to see everyone from school but the moment I did was breath-taking, when I walked into the room where all my friends and family stood, they were amazed some even crying who understood how lucky I was to be standing there. I was overwhelmed with compliments all night.

Prom was definitely a special experience I will never forget and for thus reason my dress is sentimental to me as it represents such a traumatic time but also a magical day/night.





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