From baggy to classy: A story of how I gained my confidence


Growing up as a kid the least important thing is how you are dressed. Furthermore, as life goes on and you become self aware of your own appearance you start to develop a sense of style. However, everyone makes a change about their personal style once in a life, so you have to start from somewhere, just not to see yourself in a difficult situation sometime.

During my last two years of school, aged 15, I started to change myself day by day. For a long time I was wearing baggy clothes like bigger size jackets, hoodies and hats. My favourite clothing store was New Yorker. I wasn’t thinking about how I looked at all. I was wearing the same clothes days in a row. Until one day, I remember I had a meeting with my classmates and I wanted to look different so I tried to wear a totally different look: a shirt. That was the moment I liked how it looked on me and I was impressed by the material and the comfort that I had.

In the next few years of college I spent my time researching how can I combine shirts in the most formal and cheapest way. I realised it’s not about how much you spend, but how the details makes the difference. I was adding one item one by one once I purchase them and I was trying to fit them with every piece I had in my wardrobe. I started with low-cost brands and with accessories. Brands like Takko and LC Waikiki were my favourites.

At first I read tips on the internet, followed different menswear pages and different celebrities to get inspired. Step by step I managed to have some appearances on two different and popular Facebook pages and a variety of photo shoots. I’ve reached the point where it takes me five minutes to get ready for a formal meeting, whereas someone else may spend somewhere up to 20 minutes.

Every new thing has its difficulties at first. Most of the time people are judging you without knowing anything about you at all. I start being marginalised just because I was wearing different clothes. My friends start making fun of me, comparing me with movie characters like Godfather and asking me if I have a wedding today. It’s funny if I think of it now. Even my parents were making jokes about that as well, telling me that I’m exaggerating. It was frustrating but encouraging at the same time for me. I noticed that I really enjoy fashion and I will definitely follow a career in that.

By the time I decided to apply for a Fashion Journalism degree at Sunderland University I had developed a trust in my own abilities. All the jokes and mad things that people said through the years made me even more motivated in pursuing my passion. Today, I am running my own fashion blog as well as some personal projects related to the whole fashion scenery.


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