Fun, festive beauty looks to challenge ‘those’ glitter Christmas puds everyone’s talking about

Following the sparkly Christmas pudding boobs trend that’s been circling the media recently, we at Fashion North decided to hunt down some equally as creative but slightly tamer festive themed beauty looks.

We’ve picked out some fun make up looks and nail designs inspired by your festive favourites to inspire you this December.

Grace Maher, a make up artist based in Newcastle creates amazing looks from the Grinch to a bauble fiasco.

She said: “I think the Christmas pudding glitter trend is a great way to show people how you can celebrate Christmas in your own way by being creative and coming up with new ideas.”

Her looks are very glam while still looking pretty crazy; perfect to impress your friends at your Christmas parties.

The Grinch inspired by Nikkie Tutorials

Credit: Instagram

Bauble look inspired by Makeup by Tash

Credit: Instagram

Rudolph inspired by Aimee Burgg

Credit: Instagram

Haydon Beauty, a Newcastle based home treatment room has been creating festive nail art for their clients with snowflakes, snowmen, reindeers and even a hint of glitter.

Laura and Phillipa, owners of Haydon Beauty said: “At Haydon Beauty, we believe you can never have too much glitter. Christmas is the time of year where people say ‘show me the sparkle!’ and of course we have been asked to paint Rudolph’s, Santa’s and Christmas puds on nails, which we love to do. As for painting Christmas puds on boobs, we can’t say we would do that ourselves but hey, each to their own. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s all about having fun, it’s not harming anyone so why not. Blind the haters with that sparkle.

Red and festive

Snowflakes and glitter

Snowmen and winter blue

What do you think of the Christmas pudding trend and what Christmas looks will you be rocking this month? Tweet us at @Fashion_North.



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