Getting over Gym Anxiety: A Fitness Coach’s Guide to Feeling Your Best

Agony Aunt Beth here!

My first article as Fashion North’s new agony aunt, is gym related as I love the gym. Now I hope you don’t think I’m weird saying that. I have my reasons, it’s not about losing weight but about feeling good about yourself.

On our Fashion North Instagram you asked me for advice and I’m going to answer it. I asked Katie Brooks, an online coach who promotes self-love and fitness, with over 200k followers on tik tok to give us some expert advice too. Follow her @katiebrooks.x


“Any advice for someone wanting to get into the gym but doesn’t know where to start?” 

Beth:  “I’ve been going to the gym for over a year now and starting the gym was definitely the hardest part. Seeing all those bizarre machines, people grunting and weights everywhere made me want the ground to swallow me up BUT once I put my headphones in and got on with it. As long as you’re going in with some sort of a plan even if it’s to do 30mins on the treadmill or a few squats knowing what you’re doing makes such a difference. If you need a plan for the gym contact me, I’m more than happy to help or even check tik tok. The fitness industry is huge and us girlies just want you to feel good within yourself.


I would suggest finding something you actually enjoy. The gym shouldn’t be seen as a chore, if you feel like you’re forcing yourself to go then this isn’t healthy. If you enjoy running then stick to that, if you like weight training then stick to that. There are no wrongs in the gym as long as you’re happy that is what matters. Finding something you like will also make you consistent in the gym and you’ll look forward to it.

Katie said: “If it is gym anxiety in a certain part of the gym, slowly get yourself into it, so if machines are currently for you, start with them and then free weights.”

 “How do I get over gym anxiety?”

Beth: Being anxious in the gym is so common, so you are not alone. I still get anxious at the gym and that’s okay. You just need to get out of your own head and realise everyone is there for the same reason, so at the end of the day, they are not going to care what you are doing.

Katie said: “I think the main help with getting over gym anxiety is knowing that everyone is thinking the same and only about themselves. For example, you never look at someone actually doing an exercise because you don’t want them to think you’re staring, and that’s exactly the same for other people ‘watching you’. Everyone started somewhere and they know that and not to judge where you are starting off.”

And if people do stare it’s because of your super cute outfit!


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“How not to compare yourself on social media”

This is a really hard one but I’m glad it has been asked We can all admit we are on social media far too much whether its tik tok to Instagram and its filled with celebrities or influencers living this life of luxury on their private jets or living in their mansions. Of course, we are re going to be jealous. We have a right to be.

However, comparing yourself to someone else is never going to help. We are all different in our own ways and like Hannah Montana sang: “Nobody is perfect”. We need to remind ourselves every day we are seeing what they want us to see. Social media is the glamorous side to our lives and we just need to remember everyone has bad days we just don’t post that.

So please if you take anything away from this article I would want it to be that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE WORTH IT.

“What’s the best way to overcome body confidence issues?”

This is something that won’t come overnight. No diet or however many hours you spend at the gym will solve this believe me. Becoming confident in your body is all about learning to love yourself.

This is easier said than done I totally get it but the best way is to always remind yourself what you’re grateful for and all the positives in your life. I find if you have a negative outlook on life then you won’t be happy.

My best bit of advice with this is every day take time off all social media and have YOU time – close off from the outside world and take in your surroundings. Go for a walk, have a self-care day, or go buy that outfit you’ve always wanted. Making that time for yourself and appreciating yourself for who you are will make you love yourself.

Quoting Ru Paul “How the hell is anyone going to love you if you can’t love yourself, CAN I GET AN AMEN.”

I really hope this article has helped you in any way and feel ready to smash the gym!  Let me know how you get on and if you need any more advice email the agony aunt email at or Instagram @fashion_north.

**Beth, 19, from Durham, a second-year student studying fashion journalism (I’m also a Scorpio) is the new Fashion North agony aunt . She’s here to answer all your problems from fashion to relationships. She says: “I want to help you as much as I can, basically, I’m the big sister you’ve never had.”



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