How to find the perfect false eyelashes

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Unless you are one of those annoyingly lucky people naturally blessed with long thick jet-black eyelashes, then false eyelashes are a gift from god.

However, choosing the right ones can be difficult, and usually you end up standing in front of hundreds of different types for longer than you fancied, comparing every single box until you convince yourself those ones will definitely look good on you.

So, to avoid wearing the wrong ones and looking like you have two dead spiders on your eyes or them being so long you give the drag queens, here’s a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Long lashes do great for a more dramatic look that adds an extra edge to your eyes. They never leave you looking natural and are perfect for a flirtatious eye look. Be careful, if you have small eyes don’t choose lashes that are too long or risk falling into the drag queen look a like trap.

If you want to go full-on-fake then double lashes are the ones for you. With the thickness of two pairs of full lashes put together, these create a more dramatic look. They are just what you need for those far away photos as they have the same principle as dramatic stage makeup. They can be tricky to apply because they are so thick so good quality eyelash glue is recommended.

The last type of lashes you can wear tend to be a bit more expensive however they last longer than just a few hours. Individual lashes come in a variety of different lengths and you can layer them up one by one to create your desired thickness. They do take a while to apply however they can last up to 2 weeks maybe longer if taken care of properly and are great time savers when getting ready.

SAVE: Primark sell lashes named ‘sultry’ and ‘intensive’ from only £1.

SPEND: Eylure tend to provide the biggest range of the biggest lashes starting at £4.99.

SPLURGE: MAC sell these from £10.50.


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