Guylashes… Guys try false eyelashes for the first time

Along with somewhat willing volunteers, I love trying new things but when it comes to make-up, I don’t have much experience.

However with the help of Fashion North, we attempted to apply Technic’s false eyelashes successfully… Brandon, Alister and I were each given a pair of eyelashes, glue, tweezers, manicure scissors and a pair of eyelash curlers to finish the look.

I tried it first and, oh my god, it’s not as easy as it looks! The biggest problem I encountered was making it fit onto my eye; the original size was too big so I cut some off… Then I cut way too much. It was a disaster from the beginning.

Brandon was up next, and was surprisingly good, or so we first thought. He gave us a tip, too: “Pull your eyelashes down with your finger and just kind of stick it in there.” Solid advice, Brandon.

Alister went last and, once again, had the problem of sizing. Just how much eyelash do you cut off? It genuinely is a struggle. Hats off to anyone who can put them on in a flash, but one thing for sure is that we definitely couldn’t!

Through this experience, we learned a lot and discovered that this probably wasn’t meant for us to ever try again. However, it allowed us to understand what women go through when applying make-up, especially false lashes.

It’s a genuine talent being able to apply such make-up and I commend you, because we really struggled. Watch the video below:


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