Men try beauty hacks: The charcoal mask

The charcoal mask is a trend which has sprung up quickly, and charcoal is becoming a staple piece in people’s everyday lives. From toothpaste to facial masks to body scrubs, they are all over and everyone is testing the trend.

The real question about all of this is… do they actually work?

I have tried one myself and I do believe that they work as they literally rip the blackheads from the skin and leave it feeling rejuvenated and smooth. The standard blackhead nose pore strips have been around for years but this product seems to beat it.

Seeing as though women are main users of these products, Fashion North thought it’s time for a man to put it to the test. There’s so many videos of males trying out things so we thought this would be a great idea and it’s also fun to watch!

So what was the end result?

Well it definitely works. When pulling the mask from the face, it shows the blackheads pulling away, too, and reveals just how much it has taken and leaves the skin feeling pure.

Watch the full video here…



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