Happy 86th birthday Mickey Mouse!


This week marks 86 years since Mickey Mouse first graced our screens in Steamboat Willie. He graced our screens on November 18 1928, and has grown in popularity since. In honour of the animated mouse we decided to pick our six favourite Mickey Mouse themed items, including three for the little ones in our life. Giving Mickey Mouse themed presents? Yes please.

1. We love this pink Vero Moda jumper. Mickey and Minnie are the cutest of couples. If we find love like this we’ll be forever happy. You can buy this jumper for £23.94 from Vero Moda.

2.  This John Lewis T-shirt reminds us of the classic Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Willie. There’s nothing like a classic. This jumper is £14.99 from John Lewis.

3. This Mickey Mouse dress has a gorgeous silhouette of the classic black ears and we’re desperate for it. This ones for our American readers (although what was international shipping invented for!?). The jumper is $25.99 from Black Five.

4. We want our little sisters to match us in our Mickey jumpers and Mango have answered our Sunday morning cosy jumpers dreams. We love the simplicity of the black mouse head silhouette. Simple but so much love. This kids jumper is another bargain from Mango priced at £16.99.

5. There’s something so American-high-school about this jumper that we instantly wan’t our little sisters to wear it. Why can’t we squeeze into a 13-14 year old jumper!? Yet another stocking filler then. This jumper is £12.99 from Mango.

6. Once again, this ones for the little girls in our family. Christmas presents anyone?  This little beauty is a kids jumper and is only £12.99 from Mango.

Now you can wear your favourite mouse all the time and still look as stylish as ever, as well as dressing up your little sister or niece.

Happy birthday Mickey, we love you!


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