H&M encourage us to break up with our unloved clothing


The Swedish clothing giant has released a video promoting their global take-back initiative.

Got something you don’t wear any more, looking sad and just waiting to be loved again hanging in the depths of your wardrobe?  Well, it looks like H&M have found an answer for you.

As part of their Garment Collecting initiative, the brand has uploaded a new video, titled The Break Up, urging us to bring our unwanted garments to be saved at our local H&M stores.

The high street favourite said: “We want to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by limiting the amount of waste that’s ending up in landfills.”

The film, which was created by New York based, Austrian photographer and artist Bela Borsodi, features a set made entirely of used garments and textiles.

The clothes you take to be recycled will be taken with the store’s usual deliveries to their nearest processing plant and will be hand sorted, some to be re-used and those that can’t be re-used, will be turned into raw materials and new products.

“Love is not forever”, as the clothing created creature tells us, so what else is in it for you, aside from developing a more sustainable planet? Well, for each bag you hand in, you will receive a £5 voucher to spend off your next £30 or more in store.

So, go raid your wardrobes and get yourself down to any North East H&M store with that bag of unwanted clothes.

For more information visit H&M’s Long Live Fashion.


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