#wakeupcall selfie!

Joanne Toolan, 20, Sunderland
Paige Bennett, 20, Sunderland
Brogan Hindmarsh, 20, Boldon
Stacey Mullins, 20, Teesside
Ben Moore, 20, Sunderland
Laura Dobbs, 20, Sunderland
Rachel Revill, 19, Sunderland
Katharine Oliver, 20, Sunderland
Charlotte Wood, 20, Sunderland
Elliott Hobbs, 20, Sunderland
Tom Hiddleston
Hannah Ratcliffe, 20, Sunderland

We’ve taken a barefaced selfie for cancer awareness and we have braved the ice bucket challenge, which leads us on to the newest internet craze, the #wakeupcall selfie.

The #wakeupcall selfie was set up by the UNICEF charity to encourage people to support the Syria Emergency Fund. The charity is asking people take a photograph of themselves when they have just woken up and post their selfie on social media and nominate friends to spread the word and raise money.

UNICEF are hoping to generate a similar reaction to the ALS ice bucket challenge which raised over £7 million for the Motor Neurone Disease Association charity in Britain alone.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Daisy Lowe, Stephen Fry and Naomi Campbell have got on board with the newest internet trend, and a few of us here at Fashion North and friends have joined in the craze.


We at Fashion North nominate all of you! Post a #wakeupcall selfie on social media, and nominate your friends to join in. And remember, text ‘SYRIA’ to 70007 to donate £5 for a great cause. Together we can spread awareness and make a difference.


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