How to look as amazing as Jennifer Aniston at 51: tips from the women in our lives

Imagine looking this good at 51!

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has been pictured looking healthy and glowing in a crop top and leggings for a new ad campaign for Vital Proteins.

Jen puts it down to hydrating with LOTS of water, getting lots of sleep and at-home skincare regimes.

We’ve always been in envy since the days of The Rachel haircut but how does she do it?

The Fashion North team know the best place to go for advice: our own mums, aunts and grandmas! (Note: they’re not necessarily 51!)

Read their tips below:

Helen Redford (mum of Becca)

“Use a brand you love every day; Olay is my favourite. Don’t neglect your skincare at any age.”

Joanne Cassidy (mum of Grace)

“Drink lots of water, go to bed early, do exercise regularly and use E45.”

Teresa Murphy (mum 0f Brooke)

“Hair dye. I always look older when my roots are showing. Change your hair colour as your face ages. I used to love having my hair really dark, but it began to look too harsh against the grey that kept coming through.”

Elise Parkin (aunt of Brooke)

“Drink plenty of champagne, it makes you happy and being happy keeps you feeling and looking young. Using a good facial moisturiser and hand cream with natural ingredients helps too. Eyelashes are also important. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, especially in lockdown, but for a special occasion a good mascara is essential.”

Helen Mcadam (mum of Caitlyn)

“I think my one piece of advice would be to keep smiling and stay happy, because that’s what keeps your mind young and that is why I am happy most of the time.”


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