How to make a Lush bath cocktail


I’m sure you’ll agree when we say that popping a Lush product in your bath tub can make bath time that little bit more relaxing, nourishing and in most cases – exciting. Well if one product is good, how about adding two or three?

If you’re not sure what you can throw together, here are some gorgeous bath bombs and bubble bar combinations which can either kick start your night of partying or simply help you unwind this autumn/winter.

Need uplifting? The Comforter bubble bar and the Yazu and cocoa bubbleroon are the perfect combination for you.

The comforter and sunnyside

The blackcurrant fruity fragrance of The Comforter combined with the chocolate orange and uplifting, grapefruit undertone of Yazu and cocoa gives you the warm hug of bubbles that you’ve needed after that long day.

The two together turn the bath water a peachy colour with the smell that can best be described as Bassetts Fruit Salad chews. A sea of fluffy white bubble’s sit on top, with Yazu and Cocoa making the bath water super soft and moisturising with its Fair Trade Shea butter and Extra Virgin coconut oil.

To create this cocktail: Snap off a third of The Comforter bubble bar and crumble it under warm running bath water at the start of your bath. Next, break the Yazu and Cocoa bubbleroon in half and crumble that under the running bath water and let your bath fill up.

Got a dazzling night ahead? Try a Big Blue bath bomb and a Sunny Side bubble bar to get you in the mood.

Big blue and sunnyside

It turns your bath water into mermaid water. No, honestly. With this pair it is all about the appearance. The shimmering glitter in Sunny Side and its vibrant orange colour, mixed with the vibrant blue of Big Blue turns the water into a shimmering turquoise ocean.

The festive tangerine oil alongside the lemon and orange oils found in Sunny Side help to uplift your mood – so if you’re having a bad day this could be the bath bomb for you. Big Blue contains natural sea salt and seaweed, the sea salt helps rid your body of toxins and seaweed helps to nourish your skin. Also sea salt and seaweed combined? It’s like a holiday in a bath tub.

To create this cocktail: Crumble half of the Sunny Side bubble bar into warm running bath water at the start of your bath and let it fill up. Once the bath is full, drop your Big Blue bath bomb into the water and let it fizz until it’s all gone. To help mix the two products, give the bath water a little stir.

Prepare for a festive night with The Melting Snowman bath melt and Holly Golightly bubble bar.

Melting snowman and holly golightly

These two spicy seasonal products are great to help you warm up after coming in from the cold. The almond oil and cocoa butter in The Melting Snowman is great for giving your skin a moisturising overhaul, while the glitter and Christmas green of Holly Golightly makes the bath water resemble a Christmas tree. Both of them together are the perfect Christmas duo, giving you a warm festive welcome to the season.

To create this cocktail: Snap off a generous chunk of Holly Golightly bubble bar and crumble it under warm running bath water and let the tub fill up. Then, simply drop your The Melting Snowman into the bath water and watch him slowly melt away.

Feel young at heart with Think Pink bath bomb and Big Blue bath bomb

Big blue and think pink

This combo is very fun to watch and reminds us of a My Little Pony toy. As the they both fizz away in the bath the two combine together to create a pinky-purple colour. Think Pink releases tiny confetti love hearts towards the end which sit on top of the water.

Not only does this cocktail look ever so pretty, but it is one of the most relaxing with its mix of lemon oil and lavender oil from Big Blue and a slight fragrance of vanilla from Think Pink. The Arame seaweed in Big Blue softens the water and helps to get rid of any dead skin, perfect for the cold season and keeping you looking your best.

To create this cocktail: Fill your bath to how you like it and drop both the bath bombs in at the same time. It’s that easy.

All of these products are available at Lush Stores across the North East and the UK.


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