What is Black Friday?

A bargain hunter at the Westfield shopping centre in east London

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Many recognise it as an introduction to the Christmas season.

Black Friday is universally known as the busiest shopping day of the year, on which, many people begin their Christmas shopping and take advantage of the Black Friday sales and deals.

The term, Black Friday, originated in the early 1960s in Philadelphia, United States, where it was used to refer to the heavy traffic that occurred after the Thanksgiving holiday period, as people made their way home after spending time with family.

Over time however, it has gained a new definition: it is believed that the term Black Friday is used to represent the financial turn that retailers experience as their profits go from in the red (financial loss) to in the black (to turn a profit.)

The concept of Black Friday has become more popular over recent years, as big American corporations, such as Apple and Amazon, have promoted the event as well as offering special deals to their customers.

This year Black Friday falls on Friday November 28.


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