How to make the most of your freckles

Freckles are the marmite of the beauty world – you either love them or you hate them.

In most cases, those of us who have them, don’t want them, and those of us who want them, don’t have them.

But, when the veil was lifted on Meghan Markle on her wedding day in May to reveal a happy smile, a nation of beauty lovers also noticed her gorgeous freckles. Markle’s make-up artist, Daniel Martin, did an amazing job of perfecting her skin while allowing her freckles to shine through.

But it appears it’s not only the Duchess of Sussex making the most of her freckles this season. Kylie Jenner shared a picture of herself on Instagram wearing minimal make-up, showcasing the stunning facial feature.

i spy with my little eye…

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However, there is one celebrity who embraces her freckles every summer and it’s our every own northern girl Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. If you follow her on Instagram then you know the popstar commonly posts pictures of her freckles.

“Mermaids have freckles and scars too… embrace them. I think they’re beaut!”

Not only can you embrace your freckles but you can enhance them.

  • Stay away from heavy liquid foundations that will cover up your freckles. Instead try a mineral powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Don’t use both products together, this will cover up your freckles and feel heavier on the skin.
  • A pink based blush can really make freckles pop and keep bronzer subtle. The key to enhancing your freckles is to make them the centre point, this means minimal make-up and, therefore, creating the no-make-up make-up illusion.
  • Choose a lipstick that won’t drawn attention away from your freckles, so opt for something like a pink based nude.
  • Finally, add more! You can drawn on more freckles – for a natural look, use an eye pencil similar in colour to the freckles you already have, whether its dark blonde, brown or even red. Lightly dot the eye pencil on your skin, especially where the sun hits your face [along your cheekbone and under your eyes].

If you need more convincing that freckles are truly gorgeous and need showing off…

Lets us not forget Ariana Grande’s stunning British Vogue cover, or Christina Aguilera’s beautiful cover for Paper Magazine. If there was any excuse to go natural this summer your freckles are it!



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