I have my own vintage shop but I dream of candy!

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To many, Lyndsey Jackson, is living the dream. Her job is to source pre-loved vintage clothes, looking to find them a new home. But sat at her desk you can find her scouring the Internet for yummy looking jelly babies and gummy bears.

Behind the scenes of Corner 93, a vintage boutique in Sunderland, owner Lyndsey reveals her fantasy to open her very own sweetie shop.

“I’d love to open a sweetie shop! I love the idea that you can get creative with an unlimited product, and when it runs out you can just order more,” the 33-year-old confessed.

When she’s not scrolling through Pinterest obsessing over the perfect pick-a-mix, you can find Lyndsey either in the shop in Fulwell, at a vintage market searching for stock or out making house calls.

Lyndsey said: “It’s all very personal, I spend a lot of time buying and making contacts, and often the people who are generally happy come back time and time again.”

While most of us would jump at the chance to own and source items for our own vintage boutique, purely for the access to such timeless pieces, six years in to the business Lyndsey admits: “I don’t keep anything. Clothes are quite disposable, they’re not very personal as much; I’m more addicted to props, I love buying props,” she points out her mannequins and trunks!

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However, Lyndsey recalls there is one item that she’s kept. She describes it with such passion: “It’s a 1920s crocodile clutch, I take it out all the time. It’s got a zip top, a lovely tarnish to it, a deep deep chocolate colour. I mean I’ve got loads of clutch bags but I always go back to that – I don’t think I’d ever sell it.”

The props and atmosphere truly makes the visit to Corner 93 worth your while. With the doo-wop playing on the stereo and the comforting aroma of YSL Paris, you’re instantly transported to the dressing rooms of the classic movie stars.

Lyndsey has her own out-of-house seamstress, Lynn Kendray, who she relies on to tailor garments to suit her target market. Today she has an Aquascutum trench coat that needs Lynn’s help. It’s fascinating to see Lyndsey at work, truly in her element.

After finding the coat for an absolute staple, Lyndsey tells me she doesn’t mind spending a bit of money on tailoring: “Aquascutum macs are always popular, but this needed a bit of work, Lynn always expects a challenge with me, but she’s fab.”

Saying that, Lyndsey shows me two items from The Cooples that she has in at the moment. Her eyes light up as she describes the background story: “I remember when I first found The Cooples in Paris, I fell in love. I’m obsessed with the brand.”

Lyndsey admits it’s hard work behind the scenes as she says she’s: “Constantly sourcing all the time and you have this little niggle of worry because you’re relying on your stock to be good.”

But with being the sole manager of Corner 93, only three other staff members, one being her Mum, and with a five-year-old boy at home, Lyndsey is always busy. Which is why it’s nice to daydream every once in a while and for Lyndsey it is confectionery that hits the spot!


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