I’m a fashion journalist… get me out of here! Our top jungle essentials

As ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ hits our screens, we all have that same thought again: what would we take into the jungle as our luxury item?

The jungle camp-mates have recently received some of their luxury items as a result of a challenge. We saw Nick Knowles receive a very comfortable looking pillow which he chose as his luxury item so that anyone in need could use it. Anne Hegerty received a handheld fan, Fleur East got some hair cream and James McVey was given moisturiser.


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At Fashion North, we’re all fashion and beauty lovers, so it’s inevitable that our luxury items will be in that sector, just like Fleur and James.

Here’s what our team would take in to the jungle:

Fashion Journalism programme Leader Carole Watson: I would take in my Origins Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 40 so it would protect me from the sun and also give me a bit of colour to my face.

Media Hub intern, Lucie: I would probably take mascara because it’s the only thing that makes me look awake.

Editor, Candice: I would take in my John Frieda Dream Curls conditioner because if I didn’t my hair would get so knotted that I might as well just shave it off.

Social media editor, Lauren: I would take a sun cream in with me because I’m a redhead and redheads and extreme sun do not mix very well.

Features editor, Faye D: I would take my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette because I couldn’t actually go in with natural eyebrows because I would never show my face on TV.

Content writer, Caitlin: I would take in my Models Own waterproof eyebrow tint so I could sunbathe, shower and still have fleeky eyebrows and it even comes in a little kit with a little tray and a little brush, so I’m sorted.

Content writer, Victoria: I would say my strawberry sorbet EOS lip balm because it’s one of my daily essentials and I don’t think I could go without it.

Content writer, Erin: I would take either a blanket or insect repellent – probably the repellent to keep protected from the insects and creatures because I don’t fancy being bitten all over.

Content Writer, Kheira: I would probably take my Aloe Vera face scrub because I don’t think I could handle three weeks in the jungle without it. I have to use it every day at home, to give me soft skin, so that’s definitely what I would take.

What would you take into the jungle? Let us know @Fashion_North



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