The rise of the mobile beautician

Recently there has been a large increase in beauticians setting up their own mobile beauty businesses.

With the rise of on-the-go salons, people are stating that this might just be an increasing hobby, but a lot of qualified beauticians are saying otherwise.

Erin, 18, who is a qualified beautician argued that mobile beauty “meets the needs of more people who have responsibilities such as children. Also, it allows you to create a better bond with the customers.”

Erin is a freelance make-up artist in Hartlepool. She studies production arts makeup at Hartlepool College of Further Education. She has been practising make-up since she was young, and her future aim is to be able to do celebrity make-up for events.

She is one of the many beauticians who travel to do client’s makeup.

Becky Mitchell, 19, argued: “Seriously, what’s with all these Instagram and Facebook pages where lasses create their own make-up page? Give it a rest, you know how to put on eye shadow, well done.”

Although a lot of customers claim that they are more practical…

Sarah McNeil, 42, said: “Sometimes in a salon you have different stylist/beauty therapists who do things differently. Having the same person who knows what you want is so much better. But money saving is the main thing for me.”

With actual salons charging a lot more for beauty packages compared to on-the-go beauticians, there’s no wonder clients are choosing to stay at home with a cuppa instead of in a room full of strangers.

You can find Erin on her Instagram @ERINAUGUST.MUA and watch the video below:


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