Italian Style: Three outfits from our trip to Milan

In February we travelled to Milan during it’s Fashion Week and as fashion journalism students, preparing our outfits was just as important as the trip itself. So, we decided to plan some outfits based on parts of our trip, these being an airport fit, a day at the museum, and a cocktail night.

If you have an upcoming city break, hopefully, these outfits can give you some inspiration for what you might want to wear!

Airport fit

We all need to be in comfortable while travelling but best believe we were wasting no time on this trip, so I needed an outfit that was both comfy and stylish enough to head straight into the city. To achieve this, I wore black linen trousers, a beige t-shirt, an oversized brown sweatshirt and my trusty New Balance trainers.














Day at the Museum

While visiting Milan, we attended the Armani Museum, showcasing lots of the brand’s beautiful designs throughout the years. If you love fashion then this is a must-do if you find yourself in Milan! For this outfit, I styled a striped, long sleeve t-shirt, black trousers, a black overcoat and Adidas Sambas. I then accessorised with a Uniqlo crossbody bag, which is the perfect bag for any trips because although it may look small, you can fit so many things into it!














Cocktail night

What would a holiday be without a night having some amazing cocktails? This outfit is perfect if you love a monochrome look, as the main outfit is made up of a black satin midi skirt and a low-back top. I then accessorised to add a pop of pink by opting for a baby pink bag and heels, but you could add your own colour of choice by switching out the accessories.














Which outfit is your favourite? Let us know on Instagram @fashion_north.


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