Wide-leg jeans three ways

Wide-leg jeans are my go-to staple for most outfits. Dressed up or down you can’t go wrong. Here are three ways I style my wide-leg jeans:

For my first outfit, I paired a plain black pair of wide-leg jeans with a zip-up hoodie, a white cami top, trainers and a cap. This is just one of the variations of this outfit that I own and wear on a regular basis. It’s a very easy outfit made up of staple items I can mix and match to create different outfits. 

The second outfit pairs the same jeans with an oversized sports t-shirt which is another outfit I wear quite often. It seems a bit more dressy than wearing a hoodie making it quite versatile and can be worn for several occasions.

This outfit is the dressiest of the three and an outfit I often opt for when going out for drinks as it isn’t overly but the more fitted t-shirt and heels make it a bit more put together. Again it’s a very versatile outfit as a simple change into a dressier top and different heels/bag and you have another completely different outfit.

How do you style your wide-leg jeans, let us know @fashion_north


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