Key Menswear trends of the 1920s

Thom Browne: Spring/Summer 2018, source: Pinterest

In a series of nostalgia pieces for Fashion North, we look back at the roaring twenties.

Fashion for men in the 1920s included a lot of tailoring, styled with bowling hats and fur coats. Key pieces include Oxford shirts, tweed/houndstooth wool jackets, tailored trousers (ankle cut) and braces. Fur jackets were woven from exotic furs such as mink and fox, which were often worn by high members of society. Outfits from this era often had a preppy feel to them whilst retaining a level of ready to wear/street style.

The popular art style at this time was art deco, which was just starting to emerge around the turn of the century. Art deco included sharp edges and cubism, which was in turn implemented into the fashion of the decade. A lot of influence in this style was taken from the streets of New York, where the so called ‘gangsters’ of Manhattan would be seen wearing high-end tailored suits.

Ties worn alongside suits were often styled alongside clips and pocket watches, whilst belts were often substituted with braces. Men were often seen wearing the ‘three-piece-suit’ which consisted of an Oxford shirt and tie styled with a waistcoat and/or cardigan worn under a suit jacket. Glasses were usually circle framed and pipe smoking culture was very much at large during this period.

Many modern designers have been inspired by the roaring twenties, such as designer Thom Browne, who featured blazers and braces inspired by the period (pictured) in his Spring Summer 18 catwalk collection.

More key looks from this decade can be seen on our 1920s mood board here.

Thom Browne: Spring/Summer 2018, source: Pinterest


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