Kylie Jenner’s lips – fillers or make-up?

Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian and her bum have finally been pushed aside thanks to her little half-sister, Kylie Jenner, and her now infamous lips.

We’ve all questioned the Kardashains and their suspected surgeries, as we saw on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim has had Botox, but can we honestly believe she hasn’t had more done? Kourtney has spoken plenty about having her breasts enlarged and, by looking at past photographs, we can clearly see that Kris has practically rebuilt herself.

But when it comes to the baby of the family, Kylie Jenner, we all seem to be on the fence. When the 17-year-old first posted selfies of her fuller lips everyone was quick to give their opinions. Many people felt she had taken a leaf from Kim’s book and used make-up to her advantage to create a fuller lip. But, a lot of people criticised the reality star and argued she had definitely had lip fillers.

To find out what professionals thought of Jenner’s lips we spoke to Shami Thomas, PR manager of Transform Clinic: “In my personal opinion, yes she has had fillers, they look over done and very unnatural. We’ve been asked a lot about Kylie and lots of practitioners agreed she has had her lips done, most likely to be injected dermal fillers.”

She explained that Kylie’s lips are not achievable through just lip liners and lipsticks, especially since her lips were so thin to begin with. Shami also said that because Kylie is only 17, by using fillers so young, she could easily become reliant on the procedure and may try other surgeries to change her look more drastically.

As Kylie is 17 we wanted to know if this was something any 17-year-old could do: “Transform don’t let anyone under the age of 18 do it, 17 is too young. These treatments are temporary and will need re-doing in the future. They are also not cheap.”


Kitty Kerry, a Durham based make-up artists, believes Jenner’s lips are the result fillers as well as make-up: “She does also draw her lip line. This is a legitimate technique when applying lip liner and will make your lips look fuller. It can very easily be over done, however, caution is needed.”

Kitty gave us some tips for anyone who wants to recreate Kylie’s lips using make-up: “Draw slightly outside of your natural lip line. Too much and in certain lights it will be very obvious.” It’s rumoured that Jenner uses a lip liner from MAC Cosmetics in the shade Whirl, “but please keep in mind that it will not look the same on different skin tones, for example, Whirl would look much more pinky on someone with a lighter skin tone.” Says Kitty.

Heres some more tips on how to get Kylie’s lips using make-up and avoiding lip fillers:

1) Powder your lips and around your mouth – this will stop lipstick and lipliner from bleeding and will keep it in place.

2) Use a lip liner thats suitable for your skin tone – some good shades are Whirl by Mac and Thrilled by Bare Minerals.

3) Exaggerate the lips, mainly in the middle, going out of your lip line all the way around will give you clown lips – it’s not halloween anymore!

4) To create the illusion of full, pouty lips use the lipliner to only partially fill your lips – kind of like an ombre look.

5) Fill in the rest of your lips with a lipstick slightly lighter than the lipliner – Faux by Mac is a favoured by make-up artists.

6) To give your lips a more matte look try dapping some translucent powder on top of your lips with your finger.

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