Lessons from Love Parade: Gucci’s latest show and what it will mean for fashion

Gucci showed their latest collection on November 2, 2021, on the infamous Hollywood Boulevard. The show was attended by Gucci ambassadors, stars and lovers of the brand from Billie Eilish to Gwyneth Paltrow while actors Macaulay Culkin and Jared Leto walked the runway.

Although, the garments that were featured on the runway were intended for the warmer months of Spring and Summer 2022. However, fashion is all about trendsetting and looking to the future, and we can learn a lot from the collection. Plus, there was no way we would be able to contain talking about those beautiful fur trim gowns for the new year.

Tiara’s at Gucci.
Image credit: Tagwalk

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Love Parade is the abundance of Tiara’s, which makes us wonder whether we need one to complete all our outfits. While they might be a step too far for some people, jewelled headbands and headpieces are set to make a comeback. Although we can’t quite remember a time, they have gone out of style. They are the perfect accessory for those days and nights when you are, feeling a little extra or your outfit needs a pop of something other than colour on a night out. We all deserve to look and feel like a princess, and a tiara is a perfect way to achieve that.

Many models were walking down the runway wearing patterned or coloured suspenders and hold-ups, a trend we are partially seeing; at the moment with patterned and coloured tights. Suspenders are a sexy and possibly stylish way of pulling off this trend, with thigh highs being worn with dresses, skirts, shorts and even under suits. Gone are the days of hiding the hold-ups to, as uneven hems, splits and micro-minis bared the lace tops of the suspenders, a perfect show of rebellion and style.

Suspender at Gucci
Image credit: Tagwalk

Gucci’s latest show has highlighted the perfection of the green and purple colour combination with a green silk suit and purple shirt amongst many other examples of the pairing. We also saw the colour green paired with vibrant reds, classic pale pinks and even brown but the clash of pistachio and lilac is the one we will probably be endlessly attempting to recreate.

As is often the case, creative director Alessandro Michele has managed to redefine a piece of clothing. The Hawaiian shirt, which we probably most associated with middle-aged men on holiday and during the 80s, the shirt was given a makeover. Paired with well-fitted suits and even a few pairs of cowboy-inspired boots, it looked reinvented and even made us want one. Possibly a trend we will have to wait till spring to enjoy but there is no harm in making space for one in your wardrobe to brighten up the colder months.

Hawaiian shirt at Gucci
Image credit: Tagwalk

A year (or so) after Harry Styles wore the iconic Gucci dress on the front cover of US Vogue, Gucci featured handbags on both men and women on the runway, signifying that clothes and accessories aren’t as gendered as we think. Handbags are for all, and we aren’t just talking about the athleisure-inspired man bags we have seen as part of the ‘roadman’ aesthetic. Men and women sported classic Gucci styles like the Jackie bag on the runway and looked good doing it too.

The show, as a whole, was decadent, stylish and up to the true Gucci standard. It’s easy to understand why celebrities like Lizzo love the brand so much.

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