Love yourself this Valentine’s Day with these perfect pamper treats


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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and the lovey-dovey presents of roses, chocolates and endless doting on what you love about a significant other.  It’s a time for loving and pampering yourself, which is just as important!

First things first, get into a hot, bubbly bath. Put a bath bomb in and a candle and lay there in your bliss. You can take a good book, or your favourite magazine into the tub too, enjoying a two-for-one offer for loving yourself! Taking a long, hot soak can make you feel like you are taking time for yourself.

Why not wear a skincare mask or lather yourself in your favourite body lotion? Do something you wouldn’t normally have time to do, or something you enjoy but don’t do often enough. It all helps!

After that pop on your favourite pyjamas, slippers and, of course, your cosy dressing gown – everyone loves being warm and toasty! Since the weather is still pretty chilly, why not have a hot chocolate too. Treat yourself to some marshmallows and cream, you know you want to!

Now comes the difficult part – Netflix binge? Read a book? Online shopping? Who knows?! The important thing here is to take time for yourself to do something you really enjoy. Maybe do some yoga, listen to your favourite song, sing along and have a dance – don’t pretend you haven’t done it! Do something that makes you truly happy.

A good movie marathon may also do the trick. Grab your favourite DVD’s and watch them – all! From Disney, to horror movies, chick flicks and everything in between. It’s a great way to unwind and to go into another world, just for a little while.

Some alternatives to pamper yourself properly maybe to paint your nails? Experiment with your makeup and give yourself a makeover, or put some curlers in your hair. It’s entirely up to you!

Indulgence is the key message here. Why not pick up your favourite dessert and give yourself a little extra? Pull out the ice-cream, the sorbet or the cake and treat yourself. We all deserve it once in a while – don’t we?

So, go on, whether you are in a relationship or single, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. You deserve it!


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