Marlee & Fee’s winter woolies

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We at Fashion North are big believers that buying locally is positive and beneficial, not just for the designers but also for the community.

We know it’s easy just to go into Topshop or H&M and pick out a scarf and hat that looks fashionable. But why not give an independent store a try? Their designs are often more unique and there’s less chance of someone else having the same item – so why not try it?

The North East is a hub of endless independent fashion brands that are even better than the high street shops of quality and price.

One of our favourites is Marlee & Fee, you may have seen them on the website before. They are a growing independent brand and both attended University in Sunderland, and both live in the area. They represent the rising talent from the North East and are a brilliant example.

Now with the cold weather already upon us it would be very wise to get all the winter essentials. One big essential is the woolly hat; Marlee & Fee have a large range of hats available and not just for you they also have a children’s range to. If you have any younger siblings or relatives this would be a perfect gift for them to look stylish and be kept warm for this season.

We asked the designing duo Jacqueline Marlee and Fay Winwood about their venture into hats and what made them decide to choose this accessory to bring into their brand.

Jacqueline: “We wanted to branch into accessories to offer alternative products for customers and expand our market. We wanted to produce more accessories into our collection to broaden our variety in options. They have proved to be very popular and I believe this is due to the large range of choice and the price. We have lots of styles just because we love them and there is so much competition so we want to start being competitive with what we have to offer.”

Fay: “We have placed our logo onto the hats which is a good way for people to recognise the brand. It started with friends and family buying and wearing our hats, now all of their friends, work colleagues and members of the public have been asking about the hats and purchasing them. We also branched into children’s hats as a lot of our customers were asking if we produced them and we thought this would be another good area to delve into. There is a big market for children’s wear, plus adults and children can match. You could have the whole family in Marlee & Fee hats, which some people have actually bought for before.”

With seven styles of hats for both men and women and four designs for children, they cost as little as £10. You could even treat yourself to a couple at this price!

To check out the full range head to Marlee & Fee’s website. 


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