Maximalist bag essentials

For my flat lay, I put together a colourful collection of everyday items that make me happy as a self-proclaimed maximalist. It is a combination of fun everyday essentials that bring me a lot of joy and are also somewhat functional in day-to-day life.

My first item is my tiger print tote bag I use all the time for work, I love the unique print that elevates it from a normal bag. I also brought one of my favourite books, High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, my leopard print blue light glasses and a new canister of film.

These are all things I like to bring with me everywhere just in case, my glasses are cute and stylish while also preventing headaches while doing my uni work and I always bring film and a book with me just in case.

For my flat lay, I also chose my Jake Jamie Revolution Feed Your Face watermelon face mask – I love the packaging of this product, it’s adorable and smells so good – one of my favourite skincare products!

My other bag items photographed above are my trusty claw clip, a coaster from my favourite pub in Scotland that I use as a bookmark, a Primark perfume I wore religiously on holiday and an 8 ball I stole from a pool table at a friend’s student accommodation back home that I find to be a good conversation starter.

Let us know your niche everyday bag essentials @Fashion_North



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