MFW: Giorgio Armani

Grey provides the basis of the FW 2018 palette and a subtle emblem split over the catwalk entrance, it is clear that Giorgio Armani is bringing their signature simple yet elegant style back to Milan Fashion Week.

The show took the more at-ease woman as its inspiration, making modest draping, block colours and soft fabrics the focal point. With brands like Vivetta and Burberry striving for bold and outrageous it could be said that Giorgio Armani’s typically understated look would be missed amongst the excitement and colour. However, the muted tones promote inclusivity, removing the barriers brought in by the use of overpowering colours and patterns.

If there is one thing that Giorgio Armani demonstrates perfectly, it is that being comfortable can still look classy. The over-sized long-line jumpers look like a snug Sunday dream but when partnered with a waist clinching belt and a pair of tailored trousers the look instantly becomes stylish and sophisticated.


As the show progressed, it became more daring, inviting bold colours and delicate embellishments to the stage as well as experimenting with prints and fabrics. The bright cobalt blue and violet compliment each other and add a contrasting vibrancy to what could have been a fairly plain and mundane outfit.

Another popular feature came from over-sized head wear. This faux fur, pastel pink piece looks stunning, and the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. This, as well as the use of velvet, ribbon and boots laced up to the thighs, offers the inspiration of a modern take on early 1900s fashion, but with a far more androgynous style.

On a whole, the collection brings together cultural influences from across the globe, combining them in a tasteful display of affection, amalgamating the culture rather than appropriating it. Mr Armani himself describes the show as ‘an ode to coexistence as opposed to exclusion’ and it is certain that once again Mr Armani has been able to display how fashion can be a powerful tool in modern society.


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