Milan Fashion Week Inspo: My Outfit

Milan Fashion Week is a time to dress to impress, every fashion enthusiast will be there to see what the industry has to offer, an abundance of style and creativity ensembles reflecting the interests and personalities of like-minded style icons/enthusiasts.

For the flight there I’d keep it simple and cosy, but not too simple! I have to have some flare even when travelling peacefully, embroidery on the sleeves to stand out with a bit of flare on the shape of the sleeve to emphasise the silhouette of the outfit. Black and White with highlights of colour to bring out the details of the embroidery as well as the flannel shirt around my waist which is interchangeable with everything else as a layer underneath or over in case I get hot or cold but overall a perfect mix of comfort and aesthetic.

Embroidered Half Sleeve Top – from H&M

Hoody – H&M

Shirt – Boohoo

Shoes – Dr.Martens

Jeans – Levis

The main outfit on arrival which I would change into when walking around the main parts of the city and going about sightseeing as well as indulging in the new environment, the turquoise blue tribal pattern bellbottom jeans really stand out and catch the eyes of people in the area as they are vibrant and to top it off they are a 1 of 1 custom pair of jeans which will definitely spark questions as to where they are from as they are not mainstream brand jeans that are easily attainable. Being the statement piece of the whole outfit and being very easy to style as they are very diverse with what they can be mixed and matched with. The green and blue together really complement each other as it is a summer vibe type of outfit, on a sunny day the grass is vibrant and the sky is clear blue which is what the outfit reflects on an occasion such as fashion week on a hot sunny day in Milan and being the centre of attraction from outfit alone is a mission accomplished for fashion week in Milan!

Jeans – Reuben Shields (instagram)

Flannel – Zara

T- shirt – River island

Rings – Outlaws Amsterdam (instagram)

Having a jacket which can be taken off can change how the outfit looks and add more formality to the outfit as the hoody makes it a more relaxed and cosy fit, whereas taking it off looks more refined and for an occasion, it also brings more attention to the jewellery in which I am wearing, such as the padlock necklace, dog tag necklace, earrings and nose piercing, it exposes these elements to bring out more of my personality as these things reflect my love for fashion as well as the bases for my style in general and I believe it is apparent the things I like and what I am interested in based off the outfits alone, I am able to mix and match with layers to match the weather, comfort and change the overall silhouette of the outfit.


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