Moschino gets all hot under the collar in their AW16 collection

A model wears a creation for Moschino women's Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection, part of the Milan Fashion Week, unveiled in Milan, Italy, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

A model wears a creation for Moschino women’s Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection, part of the Milan Fashion Week. Picture by: Antonio Calanni / AP/Press Association Images

I’ve always lusted after a collection which reflects my wardrobe style, and I feel like Jeremy Scott as answered all my fashion prayers in one show.

Having owned a few pieces from previous collections, I’m a true lover of the Italian fashion house. Despite the fact that all of Jeremy Scott’s collections aren’t my taste, I am overwhelmed by his visions, attitude and above all, uniqueness, over and over again.

This collection however, has exceeded my expectations further then I ever imagined.

Prior to the show, we were teased on social media with burnt Moschino invitations to the AW16 collection. Personally, I was expecting flame throwers and fiery colours.

Abandoned mansion comes to mind when describing the catwalk. Antiques and old dust ridden furniture littered the runway with an oversized gold frame highlighting each outfit as the models walked through.

Two crystal chandeliers hung lifelessly from the ceiling.

The screeches and clangs of an electric guitar solo echoed through the venue.

As each outfit made an appearance, the wider my eyes became and the deeper my heart fell in love with each piece.

Leather biker jackets with studs and chains were first with 90s style hats with MOSCHINO in silver across the front.

Hues of purple and pink skirts were the only splash of colour to the beginning of the leather black collection. Buckles and zips give the ultimate edgy rock image.

Arm fishnets sparked terrible flashbacks to rebellious teen years, however paired with leather pencil skirts and ripped denim enticed me to give them a go.

Oversized caped dresses tied in a huge bow at the front clung to models and flowed behind them as they strutted along tapestry style rugs.

Quilted black bags with gold chains caused my pupils to dilate into tiny hearts as I scribbled “Moschino AW16 Bag” into the my birthday wish list.

Picture by: Antonio Calanni / AP/Press Association Images
Picture by: Antonio Calanni / AP/Press Association Images
Picture by: Antonio Calanni / AP/Press Association Images

The models eyes donned a subtle dark grey smoky eye with untamed hair.

Dresses with metallic rings, links and chains created the illusion of skeletons as they shimmied down the runway.

Fur was another texture present in the collection in a cool snow leopard print.

Red made a brief appearance in gloves, bags and on the inside of long oversized blazers.

Smoke soon creped onto the catwalk, masking the next look from view. As models emerge in singed and burnt out jackets and dresses like they’d been caught up in a fire.

Evening gowns covered in sequins were blackened on the hemline as soot clung to the ends.

Every smartphone in the audience rose into the air to snap a picture of the stunning black and silver sequin dress caged by an antique chandelier with melted candles as the model slowly made her way down the catwalk.

The model to follow her danced gracefully leaving a trail of smoke behind her which was exhumed from her black and purple burnt out dress twirled like burnt swan lake.

It was the turn of a silver sequin skeleton black jumpsuit next, as the model pulled fierce dramatic poses in front of the frow.

The final dress was blood red, layered with a tied front and a long train.

Jeremy Scott, wearing a singed white Moschino tee, ended the show with a lap of honour and got an outstanding round of applause from the audience.

Will we be seeing any celebrities smoking onto the red carpet soon?


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