My Autumn Favourites: 1970 Vibes

Calvin Klein Cropped Tee – £45

These two pieces, found in John Lewis, pair together brilliantly, especially now we are heading into the upcoming colder months. The combination of a ‘Calvin Klein’ maroon crop top (£45.00) and an Oasis tan-cord skirt (£35.00) creates a chic, yet effortless 1970s vibe.

Oasis Cut About Cord Skirt – £35

I was drawn towards this particular top, due to its deep plum colouring and minimalistic appearance, as well as the fine black lettering of ‘C’ and ‘K’. This is not only a well-known designer brand, but also creates a trendy persona and the deep winter colours complement each other perfectly.

The great thing about these two garments is that you can dress them up or down depending on the day or occasion. You can add accessories such as a knitted hat – if it’s a cold and frosty morning, to make the look more casual. You could even pair the look with black tights and knee length boots to give the outfit more of an autumnal vibe. Whatever you choose to wear with them, I can assure you, you will be on trend.


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