“My style expresses my interests and identity.”

My style is influenced by all the things and people in my life that I love. I wear clothes passed down through the family like my mum’s 2000s handbags or my dad’s traditional Nigerian clothes from when he was a teenager. They make me feel connected to my family and intertwined with my culture and upbringing. I also have many matching garments with my best friend, some that we bought together, and both loved, and some simply happy coincidences showing how interconnected and alike we are even living one hundred miles apart. 

 My style helps express my interests and identity as I feel you can tell a lot about a person from what they are wearing. Shopping secondhand is my favourite as I enjoy the thought that clothing had a life before I found it. Buying older ‘untrendy’ clothes and incorporating them into my style is so much fun, I’m giving unwanted clothes another chance. I love seeing the potential of clothes that catch my eye in charity shops and I seem to have a knack for gaging their fit without having to try anything on. For example, my favorite trousers and faux leather jacket are from charity shop along with many other pieces that have become staples in my wardrobe such as blazers, unique jackets, loungewear, grandpa jumpers, and more eccentric items such as waistcoats and men’s old formal wear. 

I am confident about how I look but it did not use to be this way.  I was a happy kid, but high school was hard for me, so I dressed like I was hiding and trying not to be noticed. I always had the urge to dress differently but was never brave enough to make that change to dress how I really wanted. Many people struggle with their identities and struggle to find a look that really represents who they are and how they feel inside. Since I came out as a lesbian I stopped caring so much about male validation and societal standards with clothes and just started to wear what I love and what made me feel good. I love taking inspiration from queer fashion and films that I love and am always trying to push my limits styling-wise. I love the fashion in the film Almost Famous and the casual outfits 90s/2000s in shows like Buffy the Vampire slayer or Grey’s Anatomy.

For more out-there looks I take inspiration from those like Bowie, Mick Jagger, Emma Corrin, and Jodie Comer as I adore the costume design in Killing Eve.

Fashion brings people together and I cannot get enough of the joy it brings my mum when I wear her old clothes. Little me would be proud that I found my confidence and can look at myself seeing only the things I love.


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