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NARS are offering beauty lovers something a little alternative this Christmas with the release of their Steven Klein collaboration, which hits beauty halls on the 1st November.

The brand always releases a lipstick gift set and blush palette within their festive range, but this year sees the release of a new ‘Tearjerker’ eyeliner and mascara trio pack, as well as two full lip sets which include a matching lip liner, lip pencil and lipstick.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 16.24.14Sophie Pasola, makeup artist for NARS at John Lewis in Newcastle, said: “This is a very exciting collaboration for us, I think everyone is going to be really surprised with this Christmas collection. Klein and Nars have worked together to create a collection that is from the customer’s wildest dreams. We will be stocking the Tearjerker eye set (£30), as well as the Dead of Summer eyeshadow palette (£29) and both A Woman’s Face and A Magnificent Obsession lipstick gift sets (£29 each). As always,we will also have the cheek palette, this year’s is called Despair (£45).”Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 16.23.35

However, the collection has received mixed reviews from the online beauty community. Durham born, London based beauty blogger Bonjour Luce had some interesting thoughts on the new release: “Although I’m a huge fan of both NARS and Steven Klein separately, I honestly don’t think it was the best collaboration as a lot of NARS fans may not know who Steven Klein is. Or, if they were really keen on doing this collaboration, it shouldn’t have been the Christmas collection as NARS always release such beautiful collections that this is a bit odd and a bit of a let down.”

Odd or not, this collection will certainly stand out amongst the other Christmas beauty collections this year.

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