New year, same you: you did all the hard work last year

As the new year approaches, we all begin to think about new years resolutions. Whether it is the stupidity of these personal challenges and new habits we set, what we want to change about ourselves for the new year or just how we want to be a better person, even if we have no concrete goals for that.

It’s a time for reflection and reinvention, but some goals can be hard to get off the ground come the first of January when the house is still chock-a-block with leftover chocolate, there’s still family to see and the weather is probably only set to get wetter.

These conditions don’t exactly inspire us to start running like we said we would or suddenly adopt a strict house cleaning schedule. But you don’t have to wait till the new year or even the middle of January (when you’ve finally finished the celebrations and drank the last bottle of prosecco) to start working on the ‘new you’ (although we would argue that there isn’t much wrong with you now anyway).

Secretly we all want to live the magazine life

Vision boards and manifestation are great tools that you can carry out throughout the year and sitting in front of a festive film with a hot chocolate is the best time to start them. Make a list of specific goals you want to achieve, things you want to buy, traits you want to have ect and arrange this into categories. Then, armed with some scissors, scour any old or new magazines you have lying around for images that represent these things. Cut them out and arrange on some decorative card. Alternatively, head to Pinterest and download a bunch of photos that inspire these goals. You can then print these via a photo app or using photo paper at home, to use in a collage above your desk or on a corkboard around the house.

Even if you aren’t a stanch believer in the power of manifestation, its helpful to have a visual reminder of your aspirations.

You could also take the opportunity to declutter your wardrobe. It’s a great way to make space for any clothing related presents you may receive or boxing sale purchases. Cleaning out old clothes often ones that don’t fit you or your likes anymore, can also help streamline your personal style and give you a more defined sense of self (helpful if attempting to manifest). Such an activity could also be motivation to declutter other parts of the house or take up a new hobby, like sewing. Tidying out your closet is a great time to tie in a trip to a tailor, if you have any clothes sitting at the bottom on your wardrobe that need mending.

Brain training doesn’t have to be boring

New years is often a time when people make resolutions to train for marathons ect, but we often neglect our brains. Now is the perfect time to take up a brain training activity, such as Sudoku or crosswords. They’re fun, a great way yo pass time and exercise our minds, especially helpful over a period of time not exactly know for its mentally stimulating activities. There’s apps for all sorts of puzzles and trivia games, or you can even pick up a crossword box from any newsagents or supermarket from a very low price and can be done alone or involve the help of friends and family.

The holiday season is all about friends and family, but some of us make resolutions to see more of a certain individual or prioritise different relationships. Christmas is the perfect time to connect with an old friend or evaluate how much time and effort you put into certain people in your life. With everyone taking long weekends off work and multiple parties to attend, this is the perfect time to meet up with those you haven’t seen in a while or plant the seeds of reconnecting with individuals, which can then be reaped in the new year, when there’s not as much to fill our time.

Manifest with music

Finally, in the spirit of a better year and making memories, make a playlist to sound track your year. Explore a new genre of music, find a new podcast or simply indulge in old favourites. Music was once called the food of love and we don’t disagree. We often let it get drowned out and fall out of love with songs or artists, which is something everyone should resolve to stop in the new year. in the meantime, try creating a new playlist for a part of your life, or period of time. Maybe as a thoughtful gesture to a friend, you could even create one that reminds you of them, or even use a set of songs to help with manifesting certain goals.


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