Newcastle event challenges perceptions of modest fashion and celebrates diversity

On November 30, a Fashion Show in Newcastle showed locals how they can dress modestly and still feel stylish.

Alongside the show, Ampersand Inventions held a fashion networking event with drinks, laughter and stalls showcasing a range of small business talent.

Tickets were £5 each and the turnout was huge with people huddling in the room to see what the Modest Fashion Show had to offer.

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

Busy Backpack, a community platform that prides itself on embracing diversity, organised the event to spread the message of modest fashion in a variety of cultures and to build a bridge between China and other international, fashion-loving nations and the North East.

Weiting Huang, the event organiser, said: “This is a very interesting event because we come together because we all love fashion and we think Newcastle and the North East could have more of these fashion events or workshops or discussions or meetups about fashion.

“We’re not models but we love fashion and we also don’t want to show a lot of our bodies.”

The models on the catwalk showcased a variety of trends in modest styles including casual street designs, denim, funky patterns and sophisticated evening looks from local talent Trendlistr, Tahmina Arts, Just Harry, and Deoyn.

Check out some of the outfits in the video below.

There was then a chance to get to know two popular influencers: Eslam Gazelle and Virgit Canaz. They gave styling advice and spoke about their experiences since blogging.

Virgit Canaz, blogger at Preppy Fashionist said: “To be honest, I was surprised about how many people attended the event, I thought not many would have come. I’m happy that Busy Backpack took the initiative to create this event because we need more of this kind of fashion event in Newcastle.”

Her advice to Fashion North readers is: “perseverance is the key to success.”

Photo credit: Faye Dixon

Guests were then given the chance to network with each other and special guests such as AJ Edgar, a makeup artist based in Newcastle and access free gifts from Chinese fashion brands Metrics, 美萃国际 and Copisoya 凯佩诗雅. It was a mad rush to get your hands on them before they were gone.

Modest fashion has now been displayed on the runway in the North East for all to see but will you be taking style inspo from these brands? Tweet us at @Fashion_North.


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