Newcastle fast fashion brand owner, Kaylee Mac speaks to Fashion North

What did you do dream of growing up? We speak to Kaylee Macari, a local girl from Newcastle who turned her fashion dream into a reality.

Kaylee was ‘forever ordering online’ to now finally owning her very own online fashion boutique. The fashion brand ‘Kaylee Mac’ caters for women who want affordable fashion and want to buy within the comfort of their own home.

Kaylee prides her fashion brand on being very affordable, she says: “I was pricing my clothing, I compared my prices to many other clothing boutiques so I could ensure my clothing was cheaper than everywhere else”.

In the world of fast fashion, price is everything. Micro trends make fashion for young women exciting and with prices to fit within budgets that means every month women can treat themselves without the guilt! What’s not to love!?

Kaylee, 24, fits within her target audience of 18-28, which is perfect for knowing what her audience wants and with her fashion knowledge spanning back from her days at college, where she studied fashion for two years. Although Kaylee is only starting out, she would love to expand eventually and provide men’s fashion too! There’s no stopping this girl!

The dream to launch her own business started long before College, Kaylee was surrounded by her business minded family, where the majority of Kaylee’s family work for themselves. Kaylee says: “My dad brought me up to be business minded but it is still daunting”.

We hear you! In the ever-changing world of fast fashion, it’s important to constantly change with the direction that the fashion industry moves in. A determined Kaylee kept up with the fashion world whilst maintaining in jobs that weren’t fashion related before launching her fashion website.

It all started as a dream many years ago and has now became a reality, the turning point to go ahead with the exciting challenge was when Kaylee went to Manchester to go to visit a lot of wholesalers to see if she could make it happen. She says: “I suddenly realised if I work really hard I could actually achieve what I set out to achieve”. Inspiring words from a like-minded girl who wants to give other girls out there some inspiration who might want to create something of their own.

Making sure a fashion brand becomes successful is hard, but knowing the factors for an affordable, reliable and of course, fashionable brand is a lot easier when you have passion. Kaylee says: “I think the most important thing when buying clothes is that the quality is good and the sizing is reliable and also providing good customer service to your customers and hassle free returns.”

Now every girl has someone who they would love to dress! We asked Kaylee who would be her girl, Kaylee states: “I would love the likes of Ariana Grande to wear my brand as I think she is well suited to the clothing.” Goals! Who knows, next time we speak to Kaylee she may well be dressing the Dangerous Woman a.k.a Ariana Grande!

“I have always wanted to have my own business and I am very lucky I am able to pursue my dream.” It sounds like Kaylee is 100 per cent living her dream and we love seeing local girls going out and chasing their dreams to make them a reality. If you’re a girl who LOVES on-trend fashion which is not only affordable but absolutely gorgeous then head over to to buy yourself some must have wardrobes pieces, we bet you won’t regret it!

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