Nine Most Inspirational Women

Late Show with David Letterman - New York

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1. Sandra Bullock
Sandra B, we love you. She’s got Grace(ie-Lou) and class and she owns Hollywood with style. She’s an independent mother and rocks her career, proving we don’t need men!

2. Angelina jolie
Her work with the UN inspired us all to do our bit in society and proved to all women that it’s not just about looks. Even with her iconic pout and gorgeous husband, we find Angelina stunning because of her spirituality and for seeing the importance in something other than the material things in life – and making THAT inspirational.

3. Emma Watson
We all wanted to be Hermione Grainger at one point and we ALL remember dressing as her to the fancy dress party. Not only was she a star in the one of the most iconic movies of our generation but she’s used her influence to help the all important strides to tackle gender issues and campaign for feminism. We’re with you Em!

4. Coco Chanel
For those of you girls who prefer the trouser to the skirt, you have Miss Chanel to thank. Coco changed women’s fashion forever when she adopted the androgynous look and with it, began one of the longest and most successful fashion houses in the world.

5. Princess Diana
Some of us might not have had the chance to know her as the people’s Princess but we sure feel her presence in our history. Even after her tragic death, the nation continues to mourn and love her and generations to come will learn of the love story she shared with this country.

Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards - London

Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards – London. PA Images

6. Kim Kardashian
Whether some of us like it or not, Kim K changed the way the world sees beauty and for that we have to put her on the list. You’re either hating her or loving her, for one reason or another but no doubt, she’s placed herself firmly on the global spectrum and has been at the tip of our tongues for years. Say what you like but she’s a business woman in her own right, an Anna Wintour-approved fashion icon and we all want to be a Kardashian!

7. Victoria Beckham
From the Spice Girls to fashion domination, VB dominates in her own ways –  without being known as David Beckham’s wife. She beat the odds and slammed her bad media rep and is now one of the most respected women that Britain proudly offers to the fashion world.

8. Malala Yousafzai
Malala is possibly one of the bravest and most inspiring women in the world and is just 18! Her passion for education among women has put her through unimaginable tragedies and earned her a Nobel Peace Prize. If you feel empowered by anything you come across on International Women’s Day, let it be this!

9. The Pankhurst Women
Without these history-changing ladies who knows what equality would look like for women and how long we would’ve waited for it without them.


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