No streaks attached: How to get that subtle winter glow


It’s officially autumn. The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and that tan you worked so hard on to build over the summer is slowly fading away.

We know the struggles you’re going through right now. So because we are extremely caring and want to make you feel the best you can, we’ve put together a manual (or tanual) of how to maintain your tan. After all, being bronzed makes everything better, doesn’t it?

The first tip is to exfoliate regularly, which you might think will scrub off your tan. In fact, exfoliating will get rid of dead skin cells and make your tan last longer. You can use normal exfoliating gloves, or invest in a Tan Eraser mit, if you’re wanting to remove old fake tan and apply new.

Keeping your skin moisturised is key, we don’t want to be resembling tiger bread in a few days. For autumnal and winter months, sometimes if you just want a natural glow tanning moisturisers are the way forward. Garnier and Palmers have their gradual tanning moisturiser, but specific self tanning brands sometimes have their own too. Australian brand Bondi Sands have their tanning moisturiser and an oil, which you simply spray on every morning or evening and it gradually develops into a lasting tan.



One vital item that every self tan lover must own is of course the mitten. The mitten will be your saviour on tanning occasions, allowing you to blend your tan in evenly so there’s no streaks. Once it’s on, get in your onesie and let your tan develop before washing it off. Prepare yourself for the upset you will go through when the dark guide colour disappears in the shower.

Happy tanning! Do you have any tanning tips? We would love to know about them! Tweet us @Fashion_North!




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